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Multiple vehicle collision causes injury to 5 persons as bus fell of a bridge near the northbound lane of NLEX in Pampanga



A passenger bus fell of a bridge along the northbound lane of NLEX on Thursday morning, July 11 which caused minor injuries to at least five individuals with no reported fatality as of this writing.

The incident happened following a multiple vehicle collision in the area. The other vehicles included two trucks and four class 1 vehicles, according to the NLEX Traffic Manager Robin Ignacio.

Based on Inquirer news, the accident occurred 2 kilometers away from San Fernando NLEX northbound.

“Medyo sumampa po sa parapet, medyo mababaw po doon kaya nakatukod lang po yung unahan niya. So hindi naman po ito malalaglag,” Ignacio said.

The mishap caused heavy traffic in NLEX today, but authorities were quick to address the concern and created a counter-flow scheme.

“Sa ngayon po medyo mabigat ‘yung daloy ng trapiko kaya nag implement ng counterflow… Ginamit pansamantala yung isang lane sa southbound,” Ignacio said.

Sources: Philippine Star / Philippine Daily Inquirer

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Know the celebrity who owned the condo unit where Deborah Sun was arrested!



Former actress Deborah Sun got arrested for allegedly used of shabu through a buy-bust operation in Quezon City on September 9, 2019.

The police caught Deborah, who is also a sister of actor Philip Salvador, at a condominium owned by actress Ara Mina.

Based on reports, Ara let Deborah used her property for three years now without her knowing that Deborah had used it for her vices.

Other individuals who got arrested along with Deborah were Angela Salvador, Gerald De Guzman, at Gonzalo Gonzales.

As a former actress, among the films of Deborah were “Pasan ko ang daigdig,” “Temptation Island,” at “Pakawalan mo ako.”

Source: Kami

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CCTV Footage of comfort room incident involving Gretchen Diez and mall janitress surfaces!



Last week, a video uploaded online involving transgender woman Gretchen Diez and a mall janitress went viral after the latter refused to accommodate Diez in the mall’s female comfort room.

The incident took place at the Farmers Plaza Mall in Cubao, Quezon. Unknown to the janitress, Diez took a video of what transpired and uploaded it online which caused various reactions from netizens.

Diez, meanwhile, also took the alleged discriminating incident to the authorities claiming she felt harassed and belittled as a transgender.

After the video uploaded by Diez became trending, the CCTV footage of the entire incident was made available to the authorities.

The viewers of the CCTV included Senator Tito Sotto.

Senator Sotto shared the details of what he saw on the CCTV during his guesting at DZMM with Ted Failon on August 19.

He said that there was initially a line in the ladies room. One of the ladies approached the two mall janitress that a guy was in the female’s room. The janitress disregarded the claim because they did not notice any guy inside.

However, another lady said that they are referring to someone who was cross-dressing as female, which was Diez.

The janitress then approached Diez and informed him to transfer to a different comfort room because other ladies’ were not comfortable with him around.

He was first advised to take the third toilet or PWD, but both rooms were not occupied that time.

“May pila sa ladies’ room. Paglabas nung isang babae, nagreklamo sa dalawang janitress na may lalaki sa loob. Parang ganun ang sinasabi. Hindi naman nila pinansin kasi wala naman silang nakitang hitsurang lalaki,” shared Sotto.

“May isa pang sumunod, nagturo na sa linya daw, hindi raw babae, nakabihis na babae. Nilapitan nung janitress, sinabi sa kanya na, ‘Huwag na lang dito dahil may nagrereklamo.’ Itinuro siya dun sa PWD, or doon sa other nila, third toilet nila,” added Sotto.

Sotto also shared his opinion about the viral incident:

“Sa mga kababaihan, bihira ako makarinig na babae na natutuwa na mayroon, let’s say, lalaking nakabihis-babae sa loob. Iba ang sitwasyon ni Congresswoman Geraldine Roman. Siya’y babae na, e. So, walang problema sa kababaihan. Pero paano yung mukhang lalaki, na lalaki pala… they feel awkward. Marami ang nagsasabi sa amin,” he said.

Some netizens accused the janitress of lowly discriminating Diez while some also sided with her on the ground that she was just doing her job.

Meanwhile, Diez received supports from netizens, particularly from his fellow LGBTQ members, but some also said that he was just clamoring for public attention and took the incident out of context.

What are your thoughts about this issue?

Source: How to care

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Groom stops the wedding when he sees the real face of his bride!



A recent post online went viral after it revealed that a groom of a supposed to be grand wedding called off the ceremony when he saw the face of his bride.

According to the reports of the World of Buzz, the groom, known as Yusuf, who works in South Korea, met his bride through social media.

The couple exchanged photos and conversations through the social media app.

However, unknown to Yusuf, the bride actually sent photos of her make-up artist who is visually appealing, which caused the groom to fall in love with her.

All the photos sent to Yusuf were not the bride’s actual image.

There even came a time when Yusuf sent money to the bride who was working in Taiwan so that she could travel to her homeland Indonesia.

Unfortunately, when Yusuf and his bride was about to get married, the groom was totally surprised to see a different woman than the woman he fell for in photos.

The woman he was about to actually marry also looked a bit older than him.

He was most likely deceived by his bride.

Yusuf’s story was shared in order to serve a warning to all social media users, especially to those who look for partners through online app, that one needs to make sure that no identity theft is involved and that whoever that someone you are engaging to is really the one who you think she or he is.

What are your thoughts about this issue?

Source: Most Trending

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