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Groom stops the wedding when he sees the real face of his bride!



A recent post online went viral after it revealed that a groom of a supposed to be grand wedding called off the ceremony when he saw the face of his bride.

According to the reports of the World of Buzz, the groom, known as Yusuf, who works in South Korea, met his bride through social media.

The couple exchanged photos and conversations through the social media app.

However, unknown to Yusuf, the bride actually sent photos of her make-up artist who is visually appealing, which caused the groom to fall in love with her.

All the photos sent to Yusuf were not the bride’s actual image.

There even came a time when Yusuf sent money to the bride who was working in Taiwan so that she could travel to her homeland Indonesia.

Unfortunately, when Yusuf and his bride was about to get married, the groom was totally surprised to see a different woman than the woman he fell for in photos.

The woman he was about to actually marry also looked a bit older than him.

He was most likely deceived by his bride.

Yusuf’s story was shared in order to serve a warning to all social media users, especially to those who look for partners through online app, that one needs to make sure that no identity theft is involved and that whoever that someone you are engaging to is really the one who you think she or he is.

What are your thoughts about this issue?

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CCTV footage of the Metrobank Binondo robbery goes viral; netizens react



A branch of Metrobank in Binondo was robbed by seven unidentified men on Thursday, July 11, 2019.

After the incident, a CCTV footage of the robbery scene was uploaded online which led to various reactions and speculations from the netizens.

In the publicized footage, the suspects were spotted entering the bank while wearing masks, caps or motorcycle helmets.

In a report from CNN Philippines, the suspects entered the bank along Sto. Cristo Street in the, morning— a few minutes before the bank’s opening hours.

The video shows that the bank’s entrance was still labeled as “Closed”, but the suspects were entering the vicinity without warning.

Based on police reports, the suspects tied down the security guards, tellers, and other employees.

Two of the suspects were wearing security guard uniforms and the other one was wearing a Grab uniform.

Several minutes after the suspects went in, they were seen stepping out while proceeding to different directions.

The last man who came out from the bank was bringing a bulky bagpack.

Since the video has now gone viral, some netizens had varying reactions regarding the incident.

Here are some of the netizens’ comments based on what they saw in the said video:

“I smell something fishy, nakapasok ng nakahelmet? Usually nakacap nga at shades pinapatanggal sau sa loob ng bangko eh”
“Sigurado may kasabwat yan sa loob.”
“Pag sa bank ung guard nsa labas tapos kinakatok ang pinto para buksan pa ng isang guard n nsa loob.”
“Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng banko na wala’ng security guard sa labas”

Mayor Isko Moreno of Manila offered P1-million pesos reward for the capture of the suspects in said crime.

Sources: KAMI / CNN Philippines

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Multiple vehicle collision causes injury to 5 persons as bus fell of a bridge near the northbound lane of NLEX in Pampanga



A passenger bus fell of a bridge along the northbound lane of NLEX on Thursday morning, July 11 which caused minor injuries to at least five individuals with no reported fatality as of this writing.

The incident happened following a multiple vehicle collision in the area. The other vehicles included two trucks and four class 1 vehicles, according to the NLEX Traffic Manager Robin Ignacio.

Based on Inquirer news, the accident occurred 2 kilometers away from San Fernando NLEX northbound.

“Medyo sumampa po sa parapet, medyo mababaw po doon kaya nakatukod lang po yung unahan niya. So hindi naman po ito malalaglag,” Ignacio said.

The mishap caused heavy traffic in NLEX today, but authorities were quick to address the concern and created a counter-flow scheme.

“Sa ngayon po medyo mabigat ‘yung daloy ng trapiko kaya nag implement ng counterflow… Ginamit pansamantala yung isang lane sa southbound,” Ignacio said.

Sources: Philippine Star / Philippine Daily Inquirer

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Bride surprised to see her groom’s ex gatecrashing on their wedding day!



For most people, a wedding is one of the exciting events in any one’s life.

Some take months and years of preparation just to make sure that a grand, successful and blissful wedding day is underway.

However, a couple from China’s wedding day might be a bittersweet one as an uninvited guest came to ruin everything that they have prepared for.

According to reports, the ex-girlfriend of the groom came as a surprise on the couple’s wedding day.

They were in the middle of the ceremony when the ex-girlfriend made a scene while also wearing a bridal gown.

More than that, she kneeled and begged the groom to get back with her and just leave her bride behind.

She also admitted that it was her fault that was why they broke up before.

It was later revealed that the groom and his ex broke up because the ex-girlfriend cheated on him, but was unable to move on when the groom decided to leave her and is about to get married.

The bride kept her composure for some time as she was also in a shock of what just happened.

However, a few minutes after, the bride walked out of the wedding venue without a word presumably heartbroken and shock.

The groom, meanwhile, followed his bride and left his ex-girlfriend sitting on the floor.

When the couple’s wedding story circulated online, many netizens wrote encouraging words and support for the real bride.

Whereas, the netizens condemned the ex-girlfriend for her behavior on the couple’s supposedly special day.

What are your thoughts about this news? Comment below.

Source: The Campfire Thoughts

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