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A photo of a guy who leaks semen while in a public transport went viral online



The online community had mixed reactions regarding the recent photo that went viral online.

The trending photo is about a guy who leaked fluid released after ejaculating on a woman’s jeans.

More than that, the deed was done while he was aboard a public transportation.

According to the woman victim, she was sleeping while in the public transport when she felt a warm sensation down her jeans.

When she looked at it, she found a white fluid on her pants, which are presumed to be semen. 

The Facebook user who posted the photo, then cautioned the netizens to be careful when in a public place, especially for those who travel through public transportation.

She further added that the excuse of some people that women are harassed because of the clothes that they wear does not justify indecent acts.

In fact, she was wearing pants barely revealing her skin when the incident happened.

A Facebook user also shared the post and said,

“Saw this on Twitter. Anyare na sa pilipinas? Ngayon niyo sabihin na naka-depende sa suot ng babae kung bakit sila nababastos.Take care always guys especially sa mga palaging bumabyahe.”

Source: Showbiz lines

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Grandma scolds teenagers who are enjoying PDA while in a public jeepney



Grandmothers are known to be the sweetest.

But, sometimes, they can also be tough, especially when the young ones are doing something that does not suit their taste.

Facebook user Christopher Gupit Gayeta posted a video on the social media site which proves that the teenagers should watch their actions in public as they can be scolded by concerned grandparents.

The footage shows a woman approximately 60 years old berating teenager who is getting cozy while inside the jeepney.

The students are accordingly showing, public display of affection (PDA) while in the public vehicle, which disgusted the woman.

According to the post, it is also possible that the old woman has a mental health issue hence her very vocal scolding inside the jeepney.

“Di ko sure kung may something sa kanya eh pero scary na siya nung huli ang daming sinasabi. Sa mga magjowa dyan na mahilig mag PDA sa public place wag sana niyo makasabay si Lola kundi lagot kayo. HAHAHA,” shared Christopher.

He also hoped that young lovers will not encounter the woman in public places, otherwise they might be subjected to another berating moment from this grandmother.

“Yung si Lola hindi nakatiis na magalit dahil sa magjowang estudyante na naghaharutan sa Jeep. Patay kayo kay Lola,” Christopher added.

As of this writing the post earned popularity in the social media site with more than 13k reactions, 3.8k comments and 14k shares.

Watch the full video here:

Source: Saksika

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Photo of burger attendant sleeping while customer cooks the burger make rounds in social media



Facebook user Trending ng Bayan shared in the social media site a photo of a burger attendant who was sleeping while the customer prepared for the burger that he ordered.

The post was captioned, “Dahil tulog si ATE, ako nalang magluluto.”

The post gained mixed reactions from netizens.

Some commended the customer for making the fun act while there were also those who wished that the vendor could have been more responsible in doing her job.

Meanwhile, there were also those who thought that posting the viral photo might not be appropriate as this could cause the lady vendor her job.

As of this writing, the said post has gained more than eight thousand likes and almost 2,000 comments.

Here are some of the comments from the netizens:

I got the humor, natawa rin ako actually pero I got to talk minsan sa isang fryer/cashier ng burger stand franchise na to and she told me na minsan ang shift nya is 36hrs straight lalo pag wala yung ka relyebo nya. 🙁”

“Sana maging wake up call to sa mga employer nila, bawal po yung ganyan sistema lalo na yung diritsong duty,24 to 36 hrs dahil sa walang kapalitan.”

There were also netizens who considered the post to be scripted and might just be some pranks made between good friends.

“Scripted besh.. san mo nakuha yung patty?? Daladala mo?? pasikat lang “

Source: Showbiz Lines

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The body of the missing Filipino seaman alleged found inside a fish freezer



On December 2018, a news about a Filipino seaman who went missing while on board shocked the public.

The young seafarer was identified as Brylle Galorio, 20 years old.

His case was subjected to online debates and extensive news coverage, but there are no updates as of yet whether he or his body has been found.

Even Raffy Tulfo’s program “Wanted sa Radyo” conducted a thorough search regarding the case, but still no positive results were found.

The relatives and friends of Brylle held on to the chance that he is still alive and may just be somewhere.

Many netizens also symphatized with the family of the seaman and hoped for his return.

However, a certain post from a Facebook user named Pinky Galorio, who claimed to be Brylle’s aunt, led the public to confusion regarding Brylle’s case.

She alleged that the body of Brylle has been found.

And unfortunately, it was found in a fish freezer.

Many netizens were curious whether this post was true or was just one of the fake news, hence, this clarification.

The Brylle’s family already made an official announcement debunking the legitimacy of the post.

They clarified that the statements in the post were not true.

Brylle or his have not been found yet, more so that it was in a freezer.

According to Brylle’s family.

The person who made the post may just be falsifying the facts of the case so that Brylle’s disappearance would remain active to the people eyes and ears.

By this time, the family of Brylle is hoping to find him or his body as soon as possible.

They are also praying that Brylle could be alive.

The post about finding his remains is considered untrue since there is no apparent proof to justify Pinky’s claims.

Even the authorities have not made mention about any update linking to the said post.

Read the screenshot of the full post of Pinky Galorio here.

Source: Pinoy Patrol

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