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Ultra-private island in Palawan charges PHP 5.2 million a night



With a picturesque location, grand and luxurious aesthetics, fresh take of nature which offer 360-degree view of Palawan, and the calming breeze of the sea, this newly-opened private resort in Palawan deserves to charge multiple times more than any regular hotel in the country or abroad.

This recently opened resort has been Banwa Private Island located in Palawan, Philippines.

Presently, it is among the world’s most exclusive resort as it charges $100,000 or PHP5.2 million per night.

The price might surprise you, but here are the things that you can get and enjoy for paying a hefty price.

See the following list of untradable offers for experiences which would give you a vacation like a queen or a superstar.

  • The area covers 15 acres of land which cause the aesthetic works to last for 10 years according to Forbes.
  • It houses six beachfront villas and 12 garden rooms.
  • It also offers a “360-degree suite,” which is found at the island’s highest point.
  • Each villa has its own infinity pool, Jacuzzi deck, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which surely provides the guests a panoramic view of the island.
  • Food and preparation is not a problem as the accomodation includes a dedicated butler service.
  • Enjoyable activities like snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, beach volleyball, and jet ski, tennis or golf.
  • The guests may also choose between a yacht cruise or a helicopter ride to get a full view of the beautiful island.
  • The island is also surely not crowded as it only accommodates a maximum of 48 guests at the same time.

The island’s luxurious offer best fit for vacation fanatics who wish to enjoy life as grand as possible.

How about you, are you planning a visit?

Source: PEP

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Trendy short hair style inspirations, as seen on beautiful celebrities



As cliche goes “A woman’s hair is her crowning glory.”

True enough, one’s hairstyle may make or break a moment.

That is why it is advisable to keep your hair style at its best no matter what kind of occasion you are in.

Even if you were just laid-back at home or were attending fabulous events, it is beyond compare to maintain a hairstyle that suits you well.

In this article, you will see know some short hair style inspirations which you can use to sport that trendy look which suits you well and according to your preference.


– You can rock that short hair with an edgy yet glamorous vibe.

To achieve that look, you may add a French braid to your hairdo.

Wrap a bow

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💕🖤 pretty in pink 🖤💕

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Braid impressions

– Braided hair is popular in the old centuries.

But presently, braided hairstyles, even for short hair, are gaining back popularity.

You may spice your daily do with achieving a faux braid through interlacing and adding pins on a few of your strands.

Ponytail geek

– Ponytails are the best go-to when everything else seems too complicated to achieve.

But ponytails can be done in a light and fashionable way, too.

Accomplish a clean look through adding hair sprays and pins on your pony-tailed bob.

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Wingin’ it for @mrselfportrait today with @lucyhale and @cwoodhair ✔️

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Boxer braids

– Do you have a short hair and feel like there are no braided hairstyles that can achieve your desired look? It is time to scratch off that notion.

You may still enjoy boxer braids with your short hair through creating that square-shaped hair divisions.

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Vintage waves

– Real simple! A curly hair iron, which is strategically wielded can give you that Veronica-Lake vintage-inspired hairstyle.

Just carefully curl your hair into the S pattern from one side of your head to the other.

Adding a little rose gold

– Colors make your hair glow more.

Create a vibrant vibe through adding a little color to your hair like the rose gold hue.

It makes your short hair alive and catchy.

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Blogger Lissa Kahayon looking as chic as ever with full bangs and rose gold hair. #BasementShang #AvedaPH

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Adding a little twist to your usual hairstyle does not only make you look more presentable.

It also improves self-confidence that fuels your thoughts to present yourself at its best.

Have you chosen your short hair style inspiration yet?


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