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Wow! Couple surprisingly customized brand new iPad as wedding giveaways



Wedding celebrations come off in different terms and means.

Some weddings are as private and as simple as possible, while there are also those that are grand and luxurious as any wedding could get.

The wedding of Brazilian model Janaina Cardoso and Imran Hussain was one for the books.

The entire wedding was every inch luxurious and apparently well-thought of with the big bulk of the budget.

According to reports, the wedding cost more or less 97 million just to make the wedding appear like a fairy-tale.

From Expensive Hotels to Flowers

The wedding was held at 7-star Burj Al Arab, one of the most expensive hotels in the world.

The couple also used David Austin flowers that were imported all the way from The Netherlands to carry out a romantic, magical and grandiose feel of their wedding and reception venue.

Wedding gown by Elle Saab

Well, who would not know Elle Saab? Elle Saab is a Lebanese fashion designer and one of the most popular designers in the world.

Of course, she is also known to make some of those most expensive gowns.

The bride’s gown was a dream with its intricate design and with a three-meter-long train.

The bridesmaids also wore Zuhair Murad creations while the groomsmen sported suits from Tom Ford.

Customized brand new Ipad as giveaways

What sets the entire wedding different from all other popular expensive wedding celebrations, was the couple’s wedding giveaways.

The couple chose as wedding souvenirs no less than brand new iPad engraved with their wedding date and names.

The guests really went home happy and amazed with the entire wedding of Janaina and Imram.

As a trivia, the couple got engaged nine months after they first saw each other.

They call their first meeting as “love at first sight.”

How about you? Do you have a wedding story to share? Comment down!

Source: Showbizbroadcast

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Lovers who first met through popular game Mobile Legends, set to get married



Love, at times, comes in the most unexpected twist.

In fact, every love story has its own unique beginnings and endings.

This seems to be the case for this viral couple who met through the famous online game Mobile Legends.

The couple is now about to engage and set for wedding bells soon.

A brief of their story was shared by Facebook user Lou De La Serna.

Through the social media site, Lou shared how she met the man she is head-over-heels in love with right now and who is going to be her future husband.

In Lou’s lengthy post, she shared that when she and her boyfriend met through Mobile Legends, there was a lot of hesitation to proceed with their love affair considering that there were already couples who started knowing each other through the same online game but ended up in failed relationships.

Sa dami ng narinig at na-witness kong failed relationship na naganap sa ML. Ito yung masasabi kong naging proof na hindi lahat ganon. Sino ba naman mageexpect na sa kaka-ML ko ay do’n ko din makikilala ‘yong forever ko?” wrote Lou.

Good thing though, the couple decided to take a risk and brought their friendship to the next level.

“Nag-ML. Nagka-love life. Ikakasal. I said ‘yes’!” she shared.

She further wrote, “Hindi maganda ang simula ng relasyon namin pero…nagtake kami ng risk para rito at ngayon, masasabi ko talaga na worth it lahat ng sinuko namin para magkasama. It made me realize that what I have right now is much better than what I have before.”

And just like Lou, her partner Renz Reyes, is also grateful that they met through the popular online game.

“Sabi nila, wala raw ako mapapala sa paglalaro ko–pero pinalad ako,” said Renz.

The couple is now more than happy that their love for each other is about to end to where they wanted it to be.

As what Lou said in her post, “I’ve been waiting patiently. Now, He gave me you. I love you so much!”

What a sweet and inspiring affair indeed.

Source: Virtual Pinoy

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Filipino Tricycle driver marries a beautiful foreigner; netizens react




Having a relationship with a person from different cultural background and nationality is not new to the Filipinos people.

Filipinos are known to be very hospitable such that we happily blend with people regardless of their nationality, race or color.

This goes the same with romantic love.

The Filipino people are known to genuinely love someone without looking at his or her color and race.

As they say, what is important is the character of the person and the feeling of comfort and completeness when you are with this individual.

One perfect example for this amazing love set-up is the case of a Filipino tricycle driver who reportedly got married to a beautiful foreigner, who is thought to be an American.

In a Facebook post of Pilipinas Trending, it was revealed that this Filipino driver got in love with a foreigner hence they got married.

The photo of the couple in the said post went viral on social media.

Netizens got interested in their love story and how their love affair became meant to be.

Part of the caption of the said Facebook post says that the beautiful lady genuinely fell in love with the Filipino guy because of his character.

He is accordingly very hospitable and treats the lady foreigner very well.

She does not care about the physical appearance rather she looks into the character and inner personality of the person.

The post then garnered hundreds of likes and shares.

Netizens also posted their reactions in the post’s comment section.

Here are some of the netizens’ comments to this interesting love story:

“Sweet naman 🙂 Ganyan talaga mga ibang lahi, di tumitingin sa panlabas na anyo. Congrats, bro!”

“As long as we have a good heart, God will give us reward. Gobless! Sana mabuhay kayo ng maligaya.”

Though the post was flooded with positive comments, there were also netizens who were not convinced with the post.

Some speculated that the story is not real or it could be that the guy only asked for a picture with the tourist.

As to the truth of the said post, it remains to be verified as of this writing.

However, regardless of the post’s veracity, it is still undeniable that good character brings people to good places and great opportunities.

Source: Kami

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