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With all confidence, Andi Eigenmann displays her body after weeks of giving birth



The well-known actress of ABS-CBN, Andi Eigenmann confidently showed off her body after a few weeks of giving birth to her second child.

Without hesitation, she shared her photos on one of her social media accounts, her Instagram account.

As usual, a lot of people reacted and given comment to her beautiful photo.

According to the Fashion Pulis scoop, the actress mom confidently shared one of her photos showing how her body actually looks after several weeks of giving birth to her new baby.


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One day into week 39 of my pregnancy: I came to a decision of going for another c- section operation, in order to bring my second child into this world. Having gone through this process before didn’t make anything easier or less scary (Specially because this was not how I had thought my second birth story would be). But with these two (+ the rest of my fam) by my side through everything, it was easier to trust that everything will be alright. True enough, birth is beautiful no matter how it happens. I couldn’t be any more grateful that our baby girl came out healthy and safe. I realise now that it’s what matters most. Just got back home from the hospital and we are already missing the comfort of having people around us to help 😂 nevertheless we are super excited and happy to take on this new chapter of our lives with our newborn baby girl.🤗

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Her post on her Instagram story says, “6 weeks post-partum.”

It can be remembered that the actress has given birth to her second child last 23rd of July this year.

On one of her social media posts, she also shared that when she was actually on her 5th week of her post-partum, she began to do a quick low intensity c – section friendly type of a workout routine. Also, we have learned that she has been swimming in the ocean to help her have her body back.

She posted on her Instagram account a photo with this caption:

“Just posting a lil throwback because Ive been browsing through my old photos for a little inspiration (and because bagay sa feed ko) to ease my way back into my old fitness habits! I’m 5 weeks post- partum and so that means I start project comeback (™️ @sarahs_day) on Tuesday, 6 wks PP,” she wrote.

“I. AM. SO. EXCITED. Been swimming in the ocean since blood stopped (and with my doctor’s go signal) but only for a little bit as I dont want to overdo myself. And today, I did a quick low intensity c- section friendly work- out routine,” she added.


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Motibeyshun Miyerkules: me sitting pretty atop Taal Volcano, after running towards it! . Just posting a lil throwback because Ive been browsing through my old photos for a little inspiration (and because bagay sa feed ko😂) to ease my way back into my old fitness habits! I’m 5 weeks post- partum and so that means I start project comeback (™️ @sarahs_day) on Tuesday, 6 wks PP. I. AM. SO. EXCITED. Been swimming in the ocean since blood stopped (and with my doctor’s go signal) but only for a little bit as I dont want to overdo myself. And today, I did a quick low intensity c- section friendly work- out routine. Can’t wait to share with you what I will be doing to get back in shape! BUT remember that every body and every person is different. Please seek your healthcare provider’s advice before doing any exercise and research on what will be best for yourself as well. Oh and because I want to be sure that I am sending the right message— this is exactly why my own fitspiration is myself. Because it’s not about achieving the body that someone else has. That will never happen. It’s about achieving the best body you can give yourself. And yes, I also know that maybe I may never look this exact way again, but I remember being happy with the way I look in this pic and this isn’t even at my peak. That’s how looking at old pics of myself motivates me. I dont just see the body, I remember the feeling as well, and it excites me to feel the same way again.

A post shared by Andi Eigenmann (@andieigengirl) on

Not only that because some other netizens also reacted to her lovely photo. Most of these comments are overwhelming with positive comments and appreciation of the changes that has been

achieved by her body after giving birth.

Here are some of the comments of netizens:

“Not bad at all. Mag corset ka Andi para lalo bumilis liit ng tyan. Meron specifically for women who just gave birth.”

“Pero ang liit na ng tyan nya.”

“6 weeks post partum? Eh ganyan itsura ng tyan ko post buffet. Asan ang hustisya. Ano pa itsura ko pag nanganak na ko hahaha”

“Congrats sa new baby and new trimmed tummy..ganda ng baby”

“Infer ah, ang kinis pa din nya.”

One of the recent reports that we have posted, Andi Eigenmann’s good photos and video including her family went viral.

Andi Eigenmann is the daughter of actors Jaclyn Jose and Mark Gil. She is the half-sister of Sid Lucero, Gabby Eigenmann and Max Eigenmann on the side of his father, Mark Gil.


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Me, 16 weeks pregnant and feelin’ m’self.haha . I openly spoke about struggling with post partum depression since giving birth, and now we are headed back go Siargao after 2 months of being in the city with gloomy weather. I’ve been listening to your suggestions and following some advice, but I feel going back to our island home is what’s going to be most impactful. “Sunny days are coming!”, is what I have been telling myself whenever I feel ‘confused’ about where I’m at in life. Im still sure of it. And I dont just mean actual sunlight, but brighter days in general. I do miss my old self. Myself, before having 2 kids. But not enough to regret the life I have now. I love where I’m at, even if it hasn’t been easy. That’s what keeps me going. Regardless of how long this PPD lasts or how it goes away, having @chepoxz and my 2 girls by my side keeps me from giving up on my dreams. And this is why I’m sure that sunny days are coming.

A post shared by Andi Eigenmann (@andieigengirl) on

In the year of 2007, she started her career in the entertainment industry in a soap opera entitle, “Prinsesa ng Banyera” on ABS-CBN and she played the role of Sandy. After which, she became more famous and gained a lot of fans.

Sources: Instagram @andieigengirl / Kami

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“Now, we were ready to share it with the whole world. Kaya ayan, nagpapakita na talaga siya.” she added.

Source: Showbiz Broadcast

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