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Wife leaves husband after he buys “footlong” instead of “hotdog”



Undeniably, every relationship has its highs and lows.

Most of the time, when the love and understanding for each other is strong, the relationship thrives despite the down moments and challenges that may come in between the relationship.

Unfortunately, however, there are also those relationships that fail to withstand obstacles which lead the couples to break apart.

This second case was what happened to couple Andres Almasol and Judilyn Almasol.

In the popular show “Raffy Tulfo in Action,” the couple came face-to-face to go after the root cause of why their relationship fall apart, with both hoping either for a reconciliation or an amicable closure.

In the said show, which was hosted by Raffy Tulfo, the couple revealed that one of the reasons for their break-up was when the mother of the wife asked the husband to buy her favorite “hotdog”.

However, to the wife’s parent’s dismay, the husband bought “footlong” instead.

Locally, a “footlong” is known as another variation of “hotdog” which is longer and its taste is a bit different compared to hotdogs.

Because of the husband’s mistake, the parent of the wife reprimanded the husband, which fueled the husband’s irritation.

The incident then led to further argument between the wife, who sided with her mother, and the husband.

The couple further revealed through their heated confrontation in the televised show that aside from the “hotdog” scene, among the reasons for their marriage to fall apart was because the wife did not spend enough time with her husband.

The wife was working and providing for the family while the husband stayed home to take care of their children.

According to the husband, his wife did not give him intimate moments every time she returned home from work.

The wife’s cold treatment then led the husband to go out with other girls.

The wife, meanwhile, rebutted that she was tired from work, hence she no longer showed sweetness to his husband at home.

The wife also said that her treatment towards him should not be an excuse for the husband to cheat against her and later abandoned her and their son for nine years.

As a conclusion, the couple settled to officially separate with the condition that the husband will give support to their child.

The couple’s confrontation scene is now trending online with over two (2) million views recorded on YouTube alone.

What are your thoughts about this issue?

Source: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

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KC Concepcion’s daring photo draws reactions from the netizens



KC Concepcion recently posted a daring photo on her Instagram account. The photo garnered various reactions from the netizens some appreciating KC’s beauty and form while the others were making focus on her revealing image.

KC captioned the post with the following relatable line:

“This is how I feel after eating a big bowl of spaghetti Ready for dessert,” she wrote.

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This is how I feel after eating a big bowl of spaghetti 🍝 ✨ Ready for dessert? 🍰

A post shared by KC – also, Kristina. (@itskcconcepcion) on

Here are some of the notable comments from the netizens:

“Stunning and gorgeous”

“Most beautiful Gemologist in the future.” “You are one gorgeous lady KC,”

“Her body, her choice what she wants to do with it and how much she wants people to see.”

“its ok but too much…i still idolize. u..”

“Although your already hot, u don’t have to show it na. Just my opinion po. We love u KC”

“It’s okay to show off some skin—but this one”

“Omg!! What happened to you now Ms.KC, Hindi ako sanay na ganyan ka But u look so Gorgeous”

KC is the daughter of popular celebrities Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion.

At present, KC is busy with her jewelry business.

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A post shared by KC – also, Kristina. (@itskcconcepcion) on

She was among the prime talents of the ABS – CBN network before she quit show business.

Source: Kami

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Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto recently spotted in a party; netizens react



Controversial celebrities Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto were both spotted attending the same party this week.

Gerald and Julia were both present at the birthday bash of a Star Magic handler.

Separate candid shots were taken of the two stars and these photos were uploaded in social media which caused netizens to react.

It can be recalled that over a month ago, the two stars who were alleged to be romantically linked while Gerald was in a relationship with his ex- girlfriend Bea Alonzo.

Both Gerald and Julia , however, dismissed the rumors linking them both.

Here are some of the mixed reactions from the netizens:

“Maliit lang ang mundo noh? At saka hindi sila mga bulag syempre magkita-kita din.”

“Hindi na ba sila pwedeng um-attend sa mga events? Kailangan pa ba nilang icheck ang isa’t isa para lang iwasan um-attend kung a-attend ang isa?”

“Bea Alonzo ang Joshua Garcia left the universe.”

Some of the netizens presumed that Julia and Gerald’s attendance at the party was not by coincidence, while other netizens thought that the showbiz industry is just small thus it is inevitable for celebrities to be seen together or separately in an event regardless of the controversies around them.

Other celebrities who were present at the party also included Daniel Padilla and Rayver Cruz.

Source: Kami

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Former childstar Buboy Villar reveals real reason why his partner and their second child are in the US



Do you remember Buboy Villar? Buboy is a former child who became famous with his good acting skills while playing roles in some of the iconic shows in the Philippines like “Super Twins” and “Zorro”.

Buboy surprised the public when he shared that he was about to become a father at an early age with his foreign national partner.

Recently, Buboy was featured in GMA7’s “Tunay na Buhay” in which he shared a little more of his current long distance relationship.

The actor shared that his partner Angillyn Gorens and their second child are now in the US for health reasons. Meanwhile, Buboy and their eldest child are left in the Philippines.

Angillyn said that she is going through critical pregnancy thus she decided to stay in California until she will be allowed to go home in the Philippines

“Naging critical po kaya dito po ako nag-buntis sa States.”

“Sanay naman kami mag LDR (long-distance relationship)… Namimiss ko po yung panganay ko,” Angillyn said.

“Depende po sa mga doctor ng baby ko. Kapag nag go signal sila, dun po ako uuwi at pag naayos ang papeles ng panganay ko,” she added.

Buboy was born in 1999. He already has two wonderful children with his current partner!

Source: Kami

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