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Vice Ganda engages in heated confrontation with Charo Santos for his impersonation and jokes to the latter



Vice Ganda is known to be one of the comedians who are difficult to be compared with.

He has an innate humor, which makes thousands of people laugh in an instant.

Also, his witty jokes and creativity in impersonating famous personalities are surely hits to the viewers.

However, in the March 24 episode of Gandang Gabi Vice (GGV), a late night show hosted by Vice himself, his impersonating tactics seemed to be challenged by none other than his boss, ABS-CBN executive Charo Santos-Concio.

Charo confronted Vice about his impersonations and jokes pertaining to her during Vice’s concerts in Araneta Coliseum and some comedy shows.

Santos said in gist that it does not feel right to have her as the subject of Vice’s jokes without her permission.

“Gusto ko kasing malaman lang, may sama ka ng loob sa akin? Since nandito na rin ako, diretsuhan na tayo,” Charo asked.

“Yung una mong concert sa Araneta, at dun sa mga susunod pa, bakit palagi mo akong pinaglalaruan? Masakit e. Ni hindi ka nga nagpapaalam sa akin,” she added.

The audience, meanwhile boosted in laughters and cheers as the network boss was apparently pranking Vice Ganda.

The show’s TV screen also flashed photos of Vice during his concerts where he wore outfits imitating Charo.

Another noticeable part of Vice’s overall get-up in his concerts was a large mole placed alternately in his forehead, cheeks and near the upper lip.

The large mole in the cheeks is also a popular identifying mark of Charo Santos.

The misplaced locations of Vice’s fake moles were quickly noticed by Charo.

“Masakit lang na yung nunal ko hindi na nirespeto. “Ako’y mapagpatawad na nilalang pero huwag mo akong sasagarin,” Charo told Vice.

The comedian was apologetic to the lady boss and turned to blaming his writers for how his scripts were written.

Charo tried to hold her laughters as Vice went on to apologize for his impersonations and jokes.

The ABS-CBN executive later clarified that it was just a joke and she was not really offended by Vice Ganda’s impersonations and concert jokes.

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Charo also shared in her Instagram account her unforgettable first GGV experience.

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U.S. Navy returns to “Wowowin” studio with flowers and chocolates to meet “Hipon” girl!



A handsome U.S navy who previously watched “Wowowin” live on studio with his family returned to the Philippines to watch again the show, this time, alone.

The guy said that he intentionally came to the studio to meet Harlene a.k.a “Hipon girl” and personally hand to her the flowers and chocolates.

image from Instagram @harlene_budol

During the show, the female hosts was on stage, including Harlene, when one of the hosts acknowleged the foreigner from the audience.

He then came up on stage and handed over the flowers and chocolates to Harlene.

Harlene, meanwhile, blushed and could not hide her excitement over what transpired.

The navy said that he got smitten by Harlene since the first time he saw her. He even called Hipon girl as “Sweetheart” and asked if she could travel with him.

Do you think Harlene agreed to the guy’s invitation? See full video here:

Source: GMA Network

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Netizens buzz over Andre Paras’ rumored GF who is a pretty young actress



Kapuso Star Andre Paras recently posted a picture of him with long-time friend Ashley Ortega.

Netizens once again fuelled the dating rumors between the two young actors.

Andre is the son of actress Jackie Foster and former basketball player and actor Benjie Paras.

Andre himself had accomplished quite a long list which included Diary ng Panget, Your Place or Mine, Wang Fam, Girlfriend for Hire and various TV dramas and hosting projects.

He also played basketball for La Salle Greenhills (High School), University of the Philippines, San Beda College and for the Imus Bandera for the 2018-2019 season of Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MPBL).

Also, Ortega is well known for her roles in Dormitoryo and My Destiny on GMA Network. She was a co-host of the variety show Wowowin.

Over the years, she had 25 TV drama projects and currently part of Sahaya.

Back in 2018, Ashley competed in the Summer Skate 2018 at the Mall of Asia rink in which she got three gold medals.

Andre witnessed and supported Ortega during the competition and even posed for a photo while hugging the former from the back. Various blog sites and showbiz news portals covered the dating rumors.

However, the actress downplayed the gossip by posting photos while dating New Zealand model Bryce Dyer.

Fast forward to 2019, Netizens still link these two young Kapuso Stars but no statement from both sides were made to confirm nor deny the rumor.

Source: ReadersDigests

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Anne Curtis reveals reason for keeping pregnancy until the 5th month!



Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff just celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary and another blessing had been revealed for the world to see.

Curtis recently reconfirmed her pregnancy on ABS-CBN’s “It’s Showtime.”

The TV Host and actress announced on November 11, 2019: “Lalo nang magiging espesyal ang November sa akin because I’m happy to announce that Erwan and I are expecting. I’m pregnant… Magiging mommy na ako!” she said during the noontime show.

“I’m very, very happy. Erwan and I are very happy. Again, maraming maraming salamat to everyone, the overflowing love talaga na we received after announcing yesterday for Erwan and I,” ABS-CBN News quoted Anne as saying.

On November 10, 2019 (Sunday), Curtis and her hubby revealed the news through a minute-long video on Instagram which was followed by a post from her sister-in-law, Solenn Heussaff, with a photo captioned “4 humans in a photo.”

Solenn is also expecting her first baby with Nico Bolzico.

When Anne was asked why she chose to keep quiet for a while, she said that they wanted to enjoy the moment.

“We wanted to keep the baby for us muna. It was really such a nice journey. Medyo nahirapan din kami noong una, kung paano ko ba hindi maipapahalata. Pero ang galing din kasi hindi rin siya muna nagpakita masyado. Pero it was nice just to share with Erwan and I. It was our little secret,” Anne said

“Now, we were ready to share it with the whole world. Kaya ayan, nagpapakita na talaga siya.” she added.

Source: Showbiz Broadcast

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