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See the life of Jericho Rosales behind the camera with his beautiful wife



Mr.Pogi, actor, and singer Jericho Rosales and stylist Kim Jones is one of the most adored couples in the showbiz industry today.

After so many heartbreaks with some celebrity actress Jericho finally found his one true love and being married to a beautiful girl, Kim. They got married last 2014 and both still in love with one another.

As a throwback from an interview with Bianca Gonzalez for PhilStar last February 2014, the two shared their love story. They confessed that they didn’t communicate for at least two months after they met.

According to Echo he asked Kim out to the concert of the Script, but she declined the Echo’s offer which he admitted it really hurt him.

“I bought two tickets to The Script concert without even asking her if she wanted to watch. Thing is, I just had a tooth operation and my mouth was so swollen but I was so confident to ask her out. She didn’t say yes. I ended up watching with a guy friend. The truth is, I was really hurt,” he said.

But on the later part of their love story, Kim admitted that she suddenly felt in love with Echo.

“It was a change of heart! When we first met, we clicked on a friendly level. I was new here and I didn’t wanna get into a relationship. But I sort of started to miss his friendship, so I asked him if he wanted to hang out. Then he invited me to go surfing.”

Currently, Echo is a part of the top trending ABS-CBN teleserye “Halik”. He is portraying the role of Lino Bartolome, who is married to Jade Bartolome played by Yam Conception. He is also the ex-boyfriend of Jackie portrayed by Yen Santos.

On the other hand, the couple is enjoying each other’s company and their fans are looking forward to seeing them having a baby in the near future. The couple mostly shares their life happenings through their personal Instagram accounts.

Source: Instagram @kimcamjones / ABS-CBN / PinasFact


Do you still remember Dao Ming Si of Meteor Garden? Meet him as a 42-year-old actor now!



“Dao Ming Siiiii!!!” Who could ever forget how the female lead Shan Cai in the very popular TV series “Meteor Garden” shouted her heart out in calling the name of her male love interest in the said fictional show? All “Meteor Garden” fans might have a hard time forgetting Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si’s iconic scenes.

Meteor Garden is a phenomenal Taiwanese TV series in the early 2000s. It became a hit in the Philippines when it was aired through an ABS-CBN network. Moreover, the characters of the show were loved by many Filipino fans.

One of the notable characters in the hit series was Dao Ming Si, a member of the all-male group known as F4. Dao Ming Si was portrayed by the talented Taiwanese model and actor Jerry Yan.

As years went by after the series was officially aired, many fans are curious as to where Jerry Yan is now and what keeps him busy nowadays.

Luckily, there are photos that circulated online is featuring Jerry Yan, who is approximately 42 years old as of this writing. With his recent photos, fans were surprised to see how Jerry has maintained his charm and pleasing visual throughout the years. His photos still show the masculine side of him and it is apparent that he has aged so beautifully. The fans of the actor cannot help but still gush over his undying charisma and star factor.

After playing the legendary role in Meteor Garden, Jerry’s star continued to shine as he played several characters in various movies and TV shows. He is also known to have starred in the Chinese television series My Best Ex-Boyfriend.

Jerry Yan captivated the heart of thousands of fans when he made his great portrayal of Dao Ming Si more so that his character was developed into a masculine yet romantic and caring male lead. Since then, fans are also wondering about the actor’s relationship status. Until recently, there are no official confirmations from the actor himself as to the real score of his love life.

It can be recalled then that in late 2018, the media reported that the former F4 member was rumored to marry a Supermodel.

Do you miss Jerry Yan, too? Comment down your thoughts.

Source: Medics Elgoal

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Stunning beach photos of Angeline Quinto surprise netizens; see her fresh looks here!



Angeline Quinto caught social media user’s attention when she surprised her followers with photos showing the unusual side of her.

Angeline won “Star Power: Sharon Search For the Next Female Superstar,” an ABS-CBN’s singing competition, which was hosted by Sharon Cuneta in 2011, and since then, her singing career continues to rise.

Since she started in the showbiz industry, she has been known to project a bit of conservative image on screen. In fact, her social media accounts rarely show photos revealing her skin.

However, recently, the popular singer surprised the online community with her beach photos. Angeline stunned in a green two-piece bikini while enjoying her beach vacation. Another photo she posted on her Instagram account also showed her flawless legs while clad in a black one-piece bikini. The caption of the post reads, “Life takes you down many paths, but my favorite ones lead me to the beach.”

Angeline’s photo while she was in a green two-piece bikini scores more than sixty thousand likes as of this writing. Netizens had varying reactions in the said post as it featured the singer with a plunging neckline and revealing cleavage while posing in a clean, clear and natural beach background. The ABS-CBN star merely captioned the post with a heart emoji.

Here are some written reactions from the netizens:
“Slayyyyy( with fire emoji)” – @christinebbabao
“Ang sexy” – @icavillanueva
“Wow sexy. So gorgeous po.” – @dijhay08

The singer obviously received a lot of social media attention nowadays. Her Instagram account itself has now one million followers. The singer used to post beach photos and moments from her travels, but the occurrence of her posts revealing photos were quite rare. Some netizens sensed that this gradual change in Angeline’s social media post is just timely for her eight-year anniversary celebration in the show business.

Indeed, this anniversary is a feat for the singer considering that she has ventured not only in singing but has also extended her potential to acting and hosting. So far, Angeline made notable appearances in four movies, in collaboration with other popular actors like Coco Martin, Toni Gonzaga, Angel Locsin, Bea Alonzo and Shaina Magdayao.

Angeline has also received several awards and recognitions as one great singer.

With all these records in her plate, Angeline definitely deserves to enjoy and do what she wants to do with her life. Whether it includes revealing more skin or just showing her real self, then it must be commendable to just let her be!

Sources: Instagram @loveangelinequinto / Kami

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Toni Gonzaga, received negative comments s for being flat-chested



This has almost become a cliché: beauty cannot be found on one’s physical characteristics. While our society has fixated on the more shallow aspects of sexuality to define beauty, we all know that we cannot simply judge a person because of these traits. Regardless if someone has a wide or narrow hip, dark skin or fair skin, or whatever trait they may have, they need to be judged according to their individual characters. We are humans, not apes, after all.

This is why a recent viral video featuring a vacation vlog post by Alex Gonzaga has only shown that media sources will do anything just to get a click. In this particular instance, the YouTube video focused on a handful of comments from mean netizens who pointed out that Toni Gonzaga, Alex’s sister, is flat-chested.

While there is definitely nothing wrong with being flat-chested, the hand-picked comments show how people can be quite fixated with breast sizes.

This is not the first time that the Gonzagas’ flat chests have captured the attention of some people. In another instance, comedian Vice Ganda has teased Alex Gonzaga’s flat chest. The teasing, of course, was done in the spirit of good fun. After all, the two are close friends and they both sure know that this is a small matter.

You see, there is a fine line between joking with your friends and actually judging people for their physical traits. Celebrities, after all, are also people like us. We cannot expect them to cling to standards that only gods can possibly have. It simply is unfair.

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