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Raffy Tulfo calls Bea-Gerald-Julia to settle their issues in his TV program



The controversy among Kapamilya stars Bea Alonzo, Gerald Anderson, Julia Barretto has been dominating the online trend for about two weeks now.

The issue among these celebrities started when an Instagram account now named @cabrera.kathbealove shared a photo of Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson together, and even alleged that the two went to the same car.

As it was publicly known, Gerald was in a relationship with Bea when the rumors about Gerald’s alleged affair with Julia Barretto surfaced online.

Right after the post of the netizen, which Bea also liked, Bea also shared a cryptic post with an all black image.

Bea’s caption talked about having “enough” for making the same mistake twice.

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“you can’t make the same mistake twice, the second time you make it, it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s a choice” ENOUGH.

A post shared by bea alonzo (@beaalonzo) on

This then led to the netizens’ speculations that Bea was pertaining to her now ex-boyfriend Gerald and former co-worker Julia.

The two actress previously worked in the show “A love to Last.”

Bea then went on in an interview and said that as to her understanding, she and Gerald did not break-up, Gerald just “started not talking to her”, which the netizens call as “ghosting.”

The issue between the parties did not stop there as Gerald and Julia also aired their respective sides.

Gerald said that he and Bea’s relationship had been already unhealthy and he also cleared the involvement of Julia in his break-up with Bea.

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A post shared by Julia Barretto (@juliabarretto) on

Meanwhile, Julia, through an Instagram post asserted that she disassociates herself to the Bea-Gerald break-up and even accused Bea of cyber bullying.

As this entire “third party” and “ghosting” issues continue to trend online and in various entertainment news portal, TV-Radio host Raffy Tulfo sent an invitation to the celebrities involved so that they could freely settle their relationship issues face to face at his show’s studio.

Should the celebrity guest on his show, Raffy thought that this would finally put the controversy to rest.

“Alam yan, ang solusyon niyan, itong si Bea tsaka si Julia tsaka si Gerald, pumunta sa ‘Wanted sa Radyo’. Ayusin namin iyan,” Raffy said.

“Lahat ng problema ay may solusyon. Para malaman natin talaga kung sino ang may kasalanan.. Ako team areglo,” he added.

The broadcaster also said that there would be free coffee, biscuits and ice cream while these actors will be putting their make-up on.

Tulfo’s show “Raffy Tulfo in Action” is a program known to settle various issues that hound the lives of the citizens.

Do you think Bea, Gerald and Julia will guest on Tulfo’s show and settle their issues? Comment down your thoughts.

Source: Raffy Tulfo in Action

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Netizens can’t get enough of Bela Padilla’s sexy beach photos



Bela Padilla has been in the showbiz industry for some time now.

Aside from coming from the Padilla showbiz clan, Bela also has an outstanding acting talent, which made her earn acting recognitions from award-giving bodies.


Aside from that, Bela also excels in working behind the scenes like writing movie scripts and poems.

On top of Bela’s talent and creativity, she also possesses one of the beautiful faces in the showbiz industry.

Oftentimes, her fans call her among the “beauty and brains” of the showbiz industry, which is not easy to rebut considering her credentials.

Bela’s allure was once again proven when she posted photos of her Boracay trip while she was clad in two-piece bikinis.

Because of Bela’s vocal love for beaches, she went into a vacation in one of the resorts in Boracay.

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Can you tell the beach makes me happy? 🌴😝

A post shared by Bela Padilla (@bela) on

There, she showed off in two different bikinis.

In one photo, she was wearing a nude two-piece bikini which emphasized her fair skin-tone.

She also wore a black two-piece which looked good on her.

Even with her status as one of the in-demand leading-ladies in the Kapamilya Network, Bela accordingly remained low-key while having a vacation in Boracay.

She just enjoyed the sea breeze and the shore without caring much about what other people would say about her.

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A post shared by Bela Padilla (@bela) on

And because of that, netizens were impressed as to how Bela acted just like any ordinary beach girl!

Source: Inspirationaly

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Erwan Heussaf defends Anne Curtis from bashers of her love scenes with another guy



Couple Erwan Heusaff and Anne Curtis are known to be very supportive of each other’s ventures.

Erwan is focusing on his restaurant business and YouTube Vlogs.

Meanwhile, Anne continues to make waves as an actress and host.

However, no matter how the couple tried to separate their personal and professional life, it is unavoidable that fans or some netizens would tend to associate both.

This was what happened recently when Anne posted a steamy photo by Marco Gumabao, leading-man of Anne in her now-showing movie titled “Just a Stranger.”

The netizen accused Anne of being disrespectful to her husband for posting sexy photos with other guys even though she is already married to Erwan.

This comment of the netizen caught Erwan’s attention and, as expected, he defended his wife.

Erwan said that whatever Anne did for the movie, he approved of the script first and he respected his wife’s profession.

Part of Erwan’s long comment emphasized that he did not feel awkward in any of Anne’s scenes with Marco.

“I don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable when watching these movies (you,guys, are the ones maiing it awkward),” wrote Erwan.

He also said that people should not be sexist.

He thought that if it could have been a married man actor doing love scenes with another actress, no one would have an issue with it.

Meanwhile, Anne revealed that Erwan would skip the premiere night and instead watch the movies with his friends.

Anne explained that Erwan does not just like the attention he would get whenever people would look at him every time love scenes of his wife with another guy be shown, like what happened when he attended in her the premier night of his wife’s past movies.

So, he would prefer to enjoy the movie with close friends instead.

Source: Kami

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Ivana Alawi calls out fast food chain over FLY eggs!



Sanitation is very much important in every operating restaurant. All the more it is important that the customers should be able to get the right amount of service that they deserve, from the time they enter the store to the sanitation of the food served.

Unfortunately, there are some unexpected incidents that occur no matter how careful and how an establishment try to serve their guests well.

This is what happened to actress-model Ivana Alawi when she ate at a fast food chain in Puregold Calamba, Laguna.

Ivana called out Mang Inasal restaurant through her official Facebook page because of her gross experience while availing their best-seller meal- chicken.

“I never lost my appetite the way I did today! I am so disgusted and disappointed woth your chicken,” ranted the sexy actress.

“My chicken was filled with FLY EGGS. There was even a fly laying eggs in the other chicken,” wrote Ivana.


The actress also mentioned that the chicken from the restaurant was her her favorite chicken to eat, but after the incident, she said she “cannot look at their chicken the same way again.”

She said she took a video of the actual chicken, which was gross, but did not post it. She decided to post the photos instead for the netizens to see.

The actress explained that she shared her experience so that it could serve as a warning to other diners and so that the said branch may be inspected for public safety thus prevent health hazard.

Source: Inspirationaly / Facebook @ Ivana Alawi

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