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Morissette Amon Looks Stunning in her Beach Photos



Morissette Amon gets cozy and sultry in her Bali vacation! The singer found some time to relax and unwind after a very tiring beginning of 2018.

With her successful first major concert, Morissette Amon is truly a newborn superstar. She showed her power last February 20, 2018 in the Smart Araneta Coliseum in her very own concert, “MORISSETTE is Made”.


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The rising singer started the year right with this success, and there is more to come her way! Her talent is always anticipated in ASAP every Sunday, and her fans cannot wait to see her release another masterpiece, or maybe another concert again!


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But in the midst of the schedule of the star, Morissette made sure that her summer 2018 would be one that she will always remember. Let us backtrack a bit and revisit Morissette’s adventure in Bali last April!

The singer picked the perfect place to relax and let her worries float away in the gorgeous paradise that is Bali, Indonesia. Morissette did not only look gorgeous, but she also appeared to be happy and glowing!


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terima kasih, Bali🇲🇨

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She wrote on one of her photos, “sunshine on my mind”. You’re the sunshine, Morissette!

With a flower on her hair and a pair of swimsuit that accentuated her beautiful figure, the singer had the perfect getaway before she returned to her home–the center stage.


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sunshine on my mind 🌞 📸: @davidgesmundocosico

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Last October, Morissette was warmly received by the Korean crowd when she performed in Busan, South Korea for the 2018 Asia Song Festival for the second time around. In 2017, she was given a standing ovation for her excellent performance.

In a interview, Morissette shared details of her experience with the song festival.

“I was invited again to sing sa Asia Song Festival. Last year yung kinanta ko po yung ‘Secret Love Song’ na ni-rearrange po namin, ‘tapos yung mash up ng ‘Best Of My Love’ and ‘Emotions.’

“This year siyempre gusto kong mag-iba dahil sobrang hirap pantayan ng performance ko last year. This year nag-original song ako, original Filipino song, title is ‘Throwback.’”

The singer expressed her joy with the adoration she felt from the foreign crowd.

“Actually natuwa ako kasi umpisa pa lang parang na-recognize nila ako from last year,”

“Even when nung nag-closing na kami, nag-bow na kami. Nung pine-play nila yung ‘Throwback,’ which is original Filipino song, music. I appreciate na nagustuhan din nila ang Filipino song.”


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“Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.” – Mark Twain 🌻 #goodmorning #lateupload

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Looks like we have another potential international star to represent us! All the best for you, Morissette!

Source: Instagram @itsmorissette

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Yeng Constantino shares bad experience in Siargao hospital when her husband suffers memory loss over cliff-diving incident



Sometimes, no matter how careful we are, accidents are still unavoidable.

Given that accidents are at times uncontrollable, the least that we could do is make sure that emergency response is available.

Unfortunately, this is not what happened to singer Yeng Constantino and her husband.

The couple went on a vacation trip in Siargao.

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Buti pumayag sya sa filter na to. 😂 Love nya nga ko. 😜

A post shared by Yeng Constantino (@yeng) on

During their vacation on the island, Yeng’s husband “Yan” was engaged in an accident during his cliff-diving activity.

Yeng shared that after the impact, Yan had a memory loss wherein he could not remember where he was and what year it was.

Yeng tried to compose herself and secured emergency response to assist her husband.

The singer was able to call an ambulance with the help of their tour guide.

They brought Yan to the nearest hospital, the Del Carmen Hospital in Siargao.

Yan’s blood pressure was checked and found to be normal.

He was also given a neck brace to address the neck injury.

However, due to the scarcity of medical equipment in the said hospital, the couple was advised by the personnel to transfer to the Dapa Siargao Hospital for further treatment.

Yeng then wondered why a hospital would not have X-ray machine when this equipment is among the basic tools that a hospital should have.

Yeng wrote through her Facebook account:

“Bakit ganun? Sana meron ding equipments dahil malapit to sa tourist attractions with cliff diving at prone to accidents,” Yeng wrote.

When Yan was transferred to the Dapa Hospital, the situation even worsened as it took the couple approximately three hours before Yan could receive the necessary treatment.

Yen narrated that some of the hospital personnel and even a doctor was unprofessional in treating the patient.

More than that, the X-ray machine was not readily set up in case of an emergency.

The medical assistant still needed to get the machine out of the box, put the battery on and test the equipment to make sure that it works.

The delay of treatment worried Yeng as it could have worsened the situation of her husband and it could negatively affect more people in the future.

Because of this incident, Yeng wished that this concern would reach the Local Government Unit (LGU) so that an action can be taken to ensure that an appropriate emergency response is available in the island considering its booming tourism industry.

Source: Facebook @Yeng Constantino

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Jane De Leon impresses netizens on her first shout as “Darna!”



The newly-introduced “Darna” Jane De Leon is receiving much attention from the media and the public since she was officially announced to play the most-coveted role.

One of the most anticipated acts from the new “Darna” that the public have been waiting for is her first shout as “Darna.”

And finally, her first utterance of the titular role has already been heard online through a video footage shared by ABS-CBN; and the netizens could not get over about it.

In a video shared by ABS-CBN on July 18, Jane was seen in the Star Cinema and ABS-CBN executives.

It was during that time when it was revealed to her the first time that she bagged the iconic role.

Just like a form of prerequisites, Jane was asked by the executives to shout “Darna”.

The actress said she was nervous and prepared herself first before saying her first “Darna” word.

“Kinakabakahan ako,” Jane was caught saying in the video.

Finally, after a few seconds of preparation, she shouted “Darna” with her right hand raised and her left hand on her waist.

The executives, which include Charo Santos, Olivia Lamasan, and “Darna” Director Gerald Tarog, clapped their hands and words such as “Wow”, and some giggles were heard in the video.

The said video has now garnered a lot of comments, likes and shares online.

Some netizens said that Jane’s voice fits as “Darna” even in her first time uttering it.

Here are some of the netizens’ comments:

“Darna role suits her voice. There is power in it. Break a leg Jane De Leon.”
“I’ve got goosebumps when she shouted “Darna.”
“Younger version of Gal Gadot in her role as a Wonder Woman.”
“Ang lakas ng sigaw. May angas talaga. Hindi kailangan gumamit ng ibang boses para sumigaw lang nga Darna.”
“In fairness may dating yung pagsigaw niya ng Darna. May angas talaga.”

What are your thoughts about new Darna’s first shout?

Source: ABS-CBN

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KC Concepcion receives mixed reactions from netizens for her nipple-vision photo



Celebrities nowadays can hardly get away with the public’s rants, comments or reactions in everything that they do or show when these things are seen on social media.

One victim of this netizens’ scrutiny is KC Concepcion.

KC recently received mixed comments from netizens after a seductive photo of her circulated in Instagram.

The controversial shot was taken by professional photographer Mark Nicdao.

The photo showed KC wears a white body-hugging top while she stretched her arms upward.

The angle of the photo made it appear that she was braless as her nipples were apparent. When KC posted the photo in her social media account, she wrote the following caption:

Women are so strong. We need to remind ourselves of this when life gets tough and personal challenges come our way. This portrait was taken at a major turning point in my life. Surviving a controversy and rising from the ashes with a refreshed mindset and brand new perspective on life. Hardships make us stronger-just keep moving-forward. I’m pretty goal-oriented and good at keeping my focus, but sometimes-only sometimes-I get distracted. #StayFocused #YouGotThis #TheKCDiaries,” shared KC.

Some netizens appreciated the content of KC’s caption while there were those who still took notice of what KC wore and her nipples.

Here are some of the netizens’ comments.

Okay na sana pero parang nasobrahan pa.”
“I was more focus on your nipple tha your words of wisdom! Had to force to look away. Women are strong definitely!”
” You look good.”

KC first posted the said photo when she broke up with her old flame Piolo Pascual.

She posted the photo again last April which led the netizens to speculate that she might have broken up with her beau, the French filmmaker, Pierre Plassart.

Sources: Instagram @itskcconcepcion / Inspirationaly

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